Why Leadingham?

Leadingham Projects specialises in reviewing data and databases, information flow and management reporting, using proprietary software to take care of the detail. We take a bottom-up approach to system reform, improving the fluidity of data, the functionality and reliability of information-flow and the integrity of management reporting. We make sure that the view at the top reflects the reality of the whole project operation in real time. We commit to delivering cost savings to our clients that can significantly improve project profitability and justify our involvement and contribution. Read More.

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Are you in large-scale project management? Perhaps you work for a major construction or transport company…maybe even helping to deliver the 2012 London Olympics; or you may work in major projects on a more modest scale. If that is you, then you are most likely a member of one of the top professional teams in your field. Of course you may think not all of your team members are top-rate and may possibly feel that some are even a waste of space. But as good or as bad as they may be, those teams probably represent the best on offer in the marketplace; perhaps anywhere in the world! It may just be as good as it gets.

Below, we have offered you some scenarios taken from real life experience in the field of major project management, though names and faces have been changed to protect the innocent…and even some of the guilty!

Are these project management experiences familiar?

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