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about LEadingham Projects

Leadingham Projects was formed in 2004 to respond to the need for maintenance and M & E construction contractor services in the UK railway industry. At this time, more focus was put on the creation of bespoke databases to meet time, cost and resource solutions for project management challenges. A niche was identified and during several years, Leadingham used creative resources jointly with an associate company operating in the field of project management in Australia to develop a proprietary software system that would truly address the software solution gaps which were continually in evidence, even as Leadingham worked with major multinational construction firms in the field.

In 2008, was created in conjunction with Leadingham Information Systems in Australia who further developed the database system developed in the UK, to form a necessary project management software product that would deal with project detail from the bottom up. Today this software is initially available to large-scale project management companies with a base in the UK, though it can be developed to achieve international reach as required by client companies.

Leadingham’s goal is to bring fluidity, functionality and integrity to data systems that can in turn produce credible, workable project management reporting from bottom to top. We trust and respect client competences and do not aim to make you any the wiser; just help you to be much better informed. We view our role as an enabler and partner to free project management teams to focus on the delivery of their projects on or below time and cost baselines; by taking care of the detail.

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