Robert Merrick - Managing Director

Robert Merrick

“Yes; our new £250K software system certainly reaches the sky; … the problem is… it doesn’t seem to be fully in contact with the ground!”

Robert has recently been convinced to invest in top-ranked international project management software for his company’s major construction project. They are sure there is absolutely nothing wrong with it; and there probably isn’t. Nonetheless, word has reached him for the second time this month that the crew of fitters on the night-shift, who were due to install thirty electrical connection boxes and trunking for phase two of his project, were not able to work, as materials were not placed on site for them.


Sometimes with a top down system implementation, the focus is on management and financial control, progress reporting and planning flow. Very often these implementations run out of steam before they reach the levels where the work is actually carried out, creating a “disconnect” between the bottom end of the project activity and the top end reporting.

Robert thinks the night crew are more than a bit cheeky for waiting on site most of the night (“in case the stuff turned up”) and expecting full double pay. At the same time, he understands their frustration when they pass on the word: “We don’t care how you do it; just #@!!* get it here so we can install it!”… after all, he did their job when he was a young man and he’s also used similar words with his own line managers over the years! Robert is a straight-ace and does not like the idea of his “stairway to heaven” software system looking one way to him, but another way to his workforce! He’s going to do something about it… “Where’s Abhijeet?!”

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