Abhijeet Dutta - Financial Director

Abhijeet Dutta

“How can I justify the £250k investment in the new software system, with overall costs up 8% and the project now two months behind schedule? The board won’t be happy to know we face possible financial penalties from our major client for late delivery.”

Abhijeet graduated from IIM-C, Calcutta’s premier MBA College and has worked across Europe in Financial Management in the construction industry for over 10 years.

Stairway to heaven

Even his considerable mind is at a loss to find exactly where the breakdown between data reliability, software functionality and management-information integrity is occurring. He bears primary responsibility for the recent £250K investment in the new software system and is uncomfortable with the notion that this could possibly be what the critics say; a top-down system which is not going to deliver what it promised. Instinctually, he feels the investment was the right one for his company, but cannot fully explain how detail is getting lost in translation.

Abhijeet is committed to the vision of a project management software system that was called “the stairway to heaven”, but also did take on board what the MD said; that “the system may not be connected to the ground yet”. To return to the new software supplier and bolt on another 100-plus users could cost more than the original package itself, which was a hard sell in the first place! Abhijeet makes the difficult decision to look for external help in order to get his chosen system delivering to its promised capability.

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