Ken Booth – Chief Planner

Ken Booth

“By the time the reports on completed work are on the system, I have already sent installation teams to their next job. The trouble is, sometimes… I don’t really think we know what they’ve done and what they haven’t.”

Ken is good at keeping a dozen plates spinning at the same time and is used to getting his team to rush through their spread-sheet reports in order to input the latest data on work progress onto the system. When he managed smaller projects, a few phone calls and a couple of evenings of overtime took care of data input reliability on project-flow. Today, these large projects are forcing his team to truly depend on systems with data integrity. They are not there yet.

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“It’s just unrealistic to think we can beat the scheduled program baseline while working on this basis. We can get variations approved, but delays inputting this data means Procurement learn of it too late and installation teams are left without materials when I send them onsite. It is especially bad for the night-shift, as there are not enough Planning Staff on call to send them on to another job, let alone the scope to push suppliers for an extraordinary delivery of materials at three in the morning.”

“To cap it all, we are under pressure to cut costs, as we are over budget and the Planning Management and Data Processing staff looks like taking some of the hit; when in fact, we need more people than ever!”

“That new software system promises a lot, but it’s not joining up all the dots…especially down here at grass-roots level! Christie keeps telling me we need to get installers connected to the system inputting their own data so we can work in “real-time”. Abhijeet says adding 150 users to our current software would generate astronomical costs we could not face; but he’s working on an idea. What can we do to get transparency at every step of the planning process?”

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