Simon Haywood – Quantity Surveyor

Simon Haywood

“With this project being run on open book accounting, it’s probable we can fend off the financial penalties claims… There are grey areas relating to Target Cost!”

Simon still just remembers the good old days of Standard Methods, recognised procedures and the Contract Sum clearly guiding project costs. The open book method used on his current project has left some areas of cost open to interpretation, which means he will probably help his company to avoid the threatened financial penalties; even if not the displeasure of their large international client. Their client has participated in the problem by requesting late modifications to some of the electrical plans. Sometimes it is a question of kicking the can down the road a bit… as long as it doesn’t become a habit!


“What we can’t continue to explain away, is the overrun on labour costs. This is not just “a little bit of tender-stage optimism”, but reflects a more serious breakdown of information-flow, starting at the installer level. Planning is sending them to do jobs they completed 10 days ago and for some of the jobs they actually need to do, materials are not ready for them on-site”. More frequent urgent orders from suppliers are distorting our materials costs.

“Some of the mud-slinging is coming over in our direction; some saying that “if the QS’s could get it right half the time, at least we’d be doubling our average!” If that’s not bad enough, with all the stress of things, I forgot our Wedding Anniversary… talk about serious breakdown!”

“Our new systems have been running for six months now and they told us it would be a ‘stairway to heaven’ as far as data-flow was concerned. I’m not convinced yet… it seems to be going down a hole as we speak.”

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