Janet Franklin – Procurement Manager

Janet Franklin

“I’ve been successful in procurement for nearly thirty years and now lead one of the best teams of professionals I’ve ever managed… but right now, late or unreliable information on requirement dates is making us look like the ones who are letting the side down!”

During her professional life, Janet has worked for some of the top international companies and successfully delivered the right materials, on time, to teams working at the project coal face. She is a recognized team-builder and has a very sharp and well-motivated department.

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However, on her current project, the Procurement Team are taking a lot of flak for materials not being onsite for installers at key times. Additionally, delays to overall project delivery time are souring relationships with their major client and there is a risk of incurring financial penalties for late delivery on this project phase as a whole.

Six months in, the promised ‘stairway to heaven’ software system looks to be top-notch, but from where Janet sits, it all seems like a lot of hard work with little advancement for her team. They have generated over-budget savings through highly competitive purchasing and supplier management on the one hand, only to see these benefits eroded by higher overtime costs for installers, who complain materials are often not on site when needed. Janet’s team follow the planning schedules to the letter, but if these are out-dated before they receive them, they have no better information to work with.

It’s difficult to believe a company with their reputation for excellence would be suffering this kind of failure; isn’t it? Some Board Members are certainly giving her funny looks…

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