Christie Onoura – Data Manager

Christie Onoura

“They keep saying that what we post is out of date by the time it reaches the work schedulers! We’re told to speed up the data processing; that we have to “work smarter”… like we’re “working stupid” now, right??!!”

Christie was chosen by the company from a top university as part of their graduate intake scheme. She has been working for two years as Data Manager and Team Leader in the Planning Department. She is the youngest Team Leader in the company and should be able to progress up the ranks very quickly… assuming she can demonstrate results!

River flowing over edge

She suggested to her superiors that if the 70 installers could input their own work progress on hand-held units straight into an improved system, the data could begin to represent a real-time operation and be more credible, since transposing onto spread-sheets (with the potential for error to occur) could become a thing of the past. Also, they could work with three Data Processing staff instead of the current team of eight. Faster; leaner and meaner…plus delivering credible and reliable data!

After many weeks, the feedback was that commitment had been made to a new software system at a senior level and they weren’t sure how her concept would fit. She was reassured however, that the new systems would represent “true green pastures for fluid data-flow”. Christie is confident that what her department inputs is reliable data and that the information has integrity, but as for the information flow…

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