Bill Oliver – Installation Specialist

Bill Oliver

“That’s twice this week I’ve had problems on my shift. First time, there were no materials onsite and last night they sent me to do a job that was already done!”

Bill is a very useful Installation Specialist for the company. He is trained as an electrician, but has particularly strong skills handling customized fitting and finishing where excellence in the external appearance of the work is vital. He is also a very willing and reliable team player who will do whatever is on the roster at any time. Bill gets used a lot and is very well paid. He’s proud to be making more than his neighbour, who is a chartered accountant!

Most times, Bill has been paid whether he can deliver the job or not, but now they are talking about changes to the contract, where pay will be directly related to actual work completed. A new card system will clock them on from when they reach the work site and not from the depot, where they turn up in the morning to pick up their job schedules for the day.

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“The trouble is I don’t trust them to get it right! I can accept not getting paid for what I don’t do, but I can’t be running around from job to job on my own account and then not getting paid through no fault of my own!”

“I had a chat with young Christie in Data Processing the other day; they input all our job sheets. She asked me if I thought I could tick off my own jobs ‘in real-time’ on this hand-held thing she had… I said; “If I had one of them connected to this system of theirs, they would know what I’d done in minutes and we wouldn’t have all this mess we got today”. They said this was a ‘bottom-up’ system or something; but from what I can see, they got it all a@#e backwards! As things are, I’ll probably have to work harder just to stay level on pay. When Christie makes management, I’ll make a fortune on piece-work and there won’t be as many cock-ups… it’ll be happy days all round!”

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