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In a perfect world, successful project data-flow is achieved by reliable, real-time inputs being delivered at the bottom end of project operations being seamlessly transmitted up to the top end with no loss of force or momentum. In the same way, data modifications can be transmitted back again; without deviation or corruption. A bit like Newton’s Cradle. When this data-flow is visited at any point along its course, it should give a reliable and credible picture for working managers, with no missing or late data. At Leadingham Projects we believe in holding to your highest possible standards of project design. We study and review the correlation between real work and the reporting of it, seeking to improve the speed, precision and reliability of information flow.

We look at some common reasons why this ideal is often not met in project management systems

Top-down branded software systems that do not reach the bottom

Newtons Cradle

Using manual data-input methods at the primary operational levels can create inefficiencies

People cradle

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Newtons Cradle

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