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Leadingham Projects specialises in reviewing data and databases, information flow and management reporting, using proprietary software to take care of the detail. We take a bottom-up approach to system reform, improving the fluidity of data, the functionality and reliability of
information-flow and the integrity of management reporting. We make sure that the view at the top reflects the reality of the whole project operation in real time. We commit to delivering cost savings to our clients that can significantly improve project profitability and justify our involvement and contribution.

Most companies involved in major project management possess successful track-records, broad knowledge gained from experience and employ people with the best credentials in the marketplace. This alone might lead you to believe that such companies are unlikely to experience difficulties with data recording procedures and project management reporting, which they cannot solve themselves.

The need for companies to focus relentlessly on the delivery of the project itself, often means it is very difficult to “stop and take stock” of inefficiencies in their data recording, information flow and management reporting systems while conducting business as usual. This is enhanced by the fact that the level of detail and the number of system users is high at the bottom-end of the project, where most of the difficulties are likely to be found. But failure to do so can potentially create a culture of denial or blame between departments and teams, blurring the real issues and making resolution ultimately more complex.

Here are some tell-tale signs that could indicate your project management systems may need review or upgrade:

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If you believe your project management systems could benefit from review

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